Extremism Mars Daughter of Alps

By Admin, Pakistan Alpine Institute    November, 2013


Nazia Parveen is an athlete from FATA, Pakistan. Despite of her belonging to highly conservative tribe; she is determined to participate in various outdoor activities which are traditionally forbidden specially for females. As in male dominant society it’s a common perception that females can’t go for outdoor or adventurous games, but here she is determined to change this perception. Along with Climbing she is keeping her studies and job in balance as well. She has been consecutive “national climbing champion” since 2011 with complement of 28 titles. Moreover, in few competitions she has performed better than male contestants.

She shares the views that man dominated society and extremism always create hurdles which are annoying at the time but can be tackled with determination.

She is Sunni-Muslim and member of a private climbing Club who’s President belongs to Ahmedi sect. As per constitution of Pakistan, Ahmedi are non-Muslims however, they have all the rights equal to other Pakistani citizens. During climbing championship -2013 organized by the Alpine Club of Pakistan; one of the organizers directed her to change her shirt which was embroidered with logo of the contentious Club though, dress code was not announced in advance. Moreover, film making of the female contest was banned with the excuse that female photography was haram (prohibited) in Islam.

While All Pakistan Climbing Championship organized in September, 2013; at the spot on day of competition, organizers were not ready to let her participate as she is member of a non-Muslim’s club rather they were forcing her to participate on behalf of Islamabad Alpine Association. But, she deprived of. She climbed up to the top with full passion and declared as disqualified. In response to her complaint, ACP officials informed that she could not touch the ending point. Whereas, most of the competitors and audience were agreed that she touched the finishing point. Nevertheless, due to unavailability of recorded film, she could not defend her appeal.

Nazia says, “In National Climbing Championship-2011, I have never represented Islamabad Alpine Association but, they have issued the certificate of ‘National Champion’ with the bogus statement that I represent that Association”.

Male members of the national climbing team have frequently been visiting foreign countries by using platform of ACP but even a single time female athlete has never represented green flag in international climbing competitions.

During conversations with Abdul Jabbar Bhatti, former Head of Training Committee (ACP) said that he was willing to allow female Trainees for ‘Elementary Mountaineering Course -2011’ but, could not get the approval from ACP with the reason that mingling of different genders at camp sites was declared haram in Islam.

Saad Tariq Sidiqi, former General Secretary of the Alpine Club of Pakistan confirms that in average 65 number of voters exercise their voting right in every election and due to unavailability of democratic regional Associations, there is not any defined procedure to elect these constituency members. So, in every turn, only these voters are authorized to elect executive council including office bearers.

In connection, Nazia Parveen says, “I have been trying to get membership of ACP for last 3 years but my request has never been entertained”. She says that there is no hope of change because the new best guns cannot be enrolled.

She believes, aforesaid facts neither confirm link of ACP officials with Tehreek-e-Talban-e-Pakistan nor verify their involvement in Nanga Perbat incidence. But, the fact can’t be denied that majority of them is inclined towards extremism. Further, available voters are all & all at ACP, even authorized to elect leadership of TTP as President (ACP), if desire.